Game Hack: Multicolored Dice

A question about Widgets was posted on our Kickstarter and during our livestream today, I decided to live-code a quick hack into the Dice widget. The question asked if there were multiple color dice. The solution we came up with feels pretty elegant so I figured I’d share here.

We chose “Vegas” red for the Blinks dice, but if you want to play a game where you have individual players with their own color dice, you’d need to use a developer tool to change the color. In this branch of the repo, the Widgets loads up exactly as before except, each time you cycle through to Dice, the color iterates through 1 of the 4 dice colors specified at the top of the code. This of course can be expanded to be any number of dice.

Let me know what you think, this might be a nice little bonus to slip into future shipping Widgets Blinks :slight_smile:

code here