Game Idea: Abalone

I do not know if anyone here has played the board game Abalone, but if so, this would basically be an adaptation of that game. In abalone you play on a hexagonal board with each player having an equal amount of marbles. The goal is to push your opponents marbles off of the board.

On your turn, you can move 1-3 marbles that are arranged in a straight line in any direction as long as they can keep their line formation. 2 marbles can push one opponent marble, and 3 can push 2. The first player to push 6 opponent marbles off the board wins (this can obviously be modified for blinks, but I see this being doable with a 6 blink board). To replicate the original Abalone board as closely as possible you would need probably from 7-9 blinks arranged in various formations (such as a filled circle of 7).

I don’t know how well the core gameplay would transfer to blinks, but I believe it has potential so idk. Maybe I’ll start making it soon, but probably not.

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This sounds like there would be nice overlaps in mechanics with Trifoil which is open-source and was one of the Global Game Jame 2021 winners. I figured I’d share in case you needed a starting place :slight_smile:

I have played that game a ton, it’s my sister’s and my go-to game when we want to play blinks. Abalone just has some different rules so I thought it could be fun. Thank you!

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