Game Idea: BBR (Blink Blink Revolution)

Hello Blinks Community!

I had a game idea recently and thought that I’d post it here for feedback. I don’t have any time to devote to coding the game at this point, but if anyone here would like to take it on then feel free to run with it!

Name: BBR (Blink Blink Revolution)

Players: 1-6

Blinks: 7+

4 blinks are lined up in a row to form a chain. Three additional blinks are attached around the end of the chain: one blue, one red, one yellow. These colored blinks serve as controller inputs to dissipate colored light balls.

Colored light balls are generated on one side of the chain at random intervals and travel down the chain towards the colored controller blinks (Think of movement like dark ball). When the colored light balls reach the end of the chain, players must immediately click the corresponding colored input blink to dissipate the light or else they loose. For example, if a blue ball of light gets sent down the chain, the blue controller input must be pressed to dissipate the ball when it reaches the end or it is game over. Colors such as green, orange, purple and white can also be generated and would be dissipated by clicking the combination of controller colors that would blend together to make it. An example of this would be a purple light requiring the red and blue controller inputs to be pressed, or the white light needing all three color inputs to be pressed. As time progresses, the interval between light balls decreases and the light balls move down the chain faster as well. In my head gameplay would somewhat approximate games like guitar hero or dance dance revolution where notes travel down the screen to be played at the right time (hence the game name).

Scoring: Once a player fails to dissipate a light ball, the blink at the end of the chain changes over to score mode and displays the number of light balls dissipated before losing. Scoring display would be handled the same way that it is currently in Dragon’s Lair with light flashes of different colors being displayed sequentially to represent a score.

Multiplayer: Multiple chains could be connected in a hub and spoke like configuration with each additional player needing 6 more blinks. (3 chain and 3 controller blinks). The light ball is generated at the center of the hub and travels down all chains simultaneously. Players compete to be the last player to be eliminated.