Game Idea - Fort Rush

My first try at making a game for Blinks. I absolutely love the party feel and physical skill aspect of Flic-Flop, so I wanted to make something with that in mind. I’m no programmer, but I managed to cobble this draft together.

For 2-infinite players
Playtime: 10-20 min.

Teams/players take turns trying to take the fort by sending troops to rush its walls!

Place blinks together in the shape of the fort you want. Sides connected to other forts will turn off. Double click to set the formation and begin the game.
Each player takes a blink and long presses it to turn it into their troops.
Single clicking the blink will set the team of the troops.
Triple clicking will reset a piece to the setup phase again

Standing around a table with the fort in the middle players take turns sliding their troops towards the fort trying to connect the red section to a fort piece.
On successful connection the green sections connected to by troops will turn dark.
Once a fort piece has lost all it’s walls(green sections) it has been captured and it will turn the color of the team who took the last wall.
That’s team takes the piece off the fort and keeps it
Once all the fort pieces are gone the game is over and the team/player with the most captured pieces wins!




Welcome to the forum! I am really excited by this game idea. For a while now I’ve been pondering how to make the Flic-Flop mechanics more strategic and give it a sense of escalation and narrative, which I think this begins to do.

I installed the code on some Blinks and couldn’t quite get the behavior you described. My troop pieces don’t actually produce the darkening effect when their red side touches the fort - in fact, it seems to be the team color faces that do that. Also, I couldn’t get a fort piece to turn a team color when defeated.

I’ll dig into the code a little, see what it might be, but overall, I think you are definitely on the road to something really cool. If you make any updates, definitely ping me or update this post!


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Hey Dan,

I appreciate you taking a look! I’m sorry the game isn’t working for you. It still works on my blinks which is weird. Are you double clicking one of the fort pieces to begin the game? Also the reset feature in this version makes it so you have to triple click each piece separately sadly. I’m still making updates as I learn how to program the games, so hopefully it’ll start working better. I have some ideas to make it more complex/strategic that I’m working on as well.
Thanks for the feedback!



Oh, that is exactly the problem. Whoops. I think I saw them darken initially and stopped reading the instructions. I will definitely be playing a game of this tonight!

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I updated the controls to make it a little easier to reset while I figure out how to streamline that process. I also added guards who randomly pop up to defend the walls. I’d like them to be more random, and separate from each other. Maybe I need to seed the random function differently for each blink?
Ultimately I’d like the guards to patrol the walls, but sending a signal like that along a string of Blinks still eludes me.

Updated controls and guard details are in the ReadMe now.


I am so trying this! Thank you @Keirxl!


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Lots of updates and a name change!


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Just had @Keirxl on our YouTube Livestream and you can watch the recap here :slight_smile:


Missed the livestream but catching up now, great concept! My wife and I will give it a try soon!

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