Game Idea: SpellField

I am sorry for making another topic again, this is the last one I promise. The final of my good ideas for this year I call “SpellField.”

Each player gets one “core” blink that provides “power” to the rest of them. The players give themselves a deck of spells to use during the game. There are two types of blinks besides the core:
-connector blink which transfers the energy from the core throughout the playfield
-spell blink which performs an effect when it gets power, based on its surrounding blinks.

The game would be set up with 12 or more blinks (would be more fun the more you have unfortunately, but I have 12 so that’s what I would use). Each player would control six at the start, and the goal would be to strategically place and destroy spells and connectors to get close to your opponent’s core blink to destroy it with a spell and win the game.

Sorry if that was explained poorly explaining isn’t my strong suit.