Game Mod [Widgets]: Topple Stones

Hey everyone! I wanted to try to get in the habit of modding Blinks games, or coming up with new rule sets for games that might be worth sharing with others. Last night, my wife and I came up with this fun little game using the “Coin Flip” widget from the Widgets Blink! We only got to play it with 6 blinks, but it was still pretty fun - I can imagine it being even more fun with more people and more blinks.

Topple Stones is a bit like reverse-Jenga - players take turns stacking Blinks on top of one another, using the coin flip to determine if the blink is stacked flat (gold) or vertically (silver). Players stack as high as they can before their tower comes crashing down!


Number of Blinks Number of Players Duration of Gameplay Recommended Ages
6+ 2 + ~5 minutes 8 & Up


Take 6 or more widget blinks and set them to use the “coin flip” widget. Group these blinks together on a playing surface.


Using the coin flip widget, players randomize their blinks to determine how to stack them. Gold means that the blink needs to lay flat, silver means that it needs to sit vertically on it’s edge.

There are two different ways to play:

  • Players can choose to play more strategically by single pressing one coin-flip blink and randomizing the entire group. Players then take turns choosing one blink from the group to add to the tower.

  • Players can instead play a little more casually by taking a blink one at a time from the group, and single pressing that blink to randomize it. They then place the blink in the manner determined by that coinflip. (We had more fun with this one).

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Put me in coach! I was born ready for this :slight_smile:

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@jbobrow Lets see it! (And thanks for fixing the pic)