Global Game Jam 2023

Hey Blinksters,

First of all, Happy New Year!

We’re excited to be hosting an in-person, 12 hour Mini-Jam for this year’s GGJ. (Remote participation₁ welcome👌)

Here’s our site on the Global Game Jam website.

And registrations start here.

If you are thinking about participating in GGJ this year, we think you should, it is one of our favorite events and we love to see the creativity that a single weekend project can create.

all my best,
@jbobrow :man_technologist:

1. Remote participation – For those that are interested in participating remotely, we’d love to have you join us and the forum is the place to be. Because the Blinks Mini Game Jam is just one day and ends prior to most GGJ sites, it is possible that what you start here could be expanded on and submitted at your local GGJ site. Food and prizes reserved for in-person :kissing_heart:

You mean that I can’t get provided food just because I’m stuck here in Australia?

…not that I expect I’ll be joining - my Blink coding experience is very limited (I have made a minor tweak to Puzzle 101, and written a program that could tell if you had exactly three blinks connected together that weren’t in a triangle formation) - not to mention the fact that this is starting 1am for me.

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:joy: :heart: :australia:
For the record, Global Game Jam will be announcing the annual theme tomorrow, but we won’t be revealing it until Feb 4th… Feel free to jam on your time as well :wink:

Also, mods to existing games is all good in my book… a wonderful way to learn and admittedly, one of the ways in which I tend to stumble into new ideas :slight_smile:

Sorry, I am really confused - how do we do this from home? Where will the theme be posted?

Hi Rinta,

The Global Game Jam Theme reveal is now live from, we’ll be revealing it on-site tomorrow morning around 9:30AM EST and will post the video for the theme reveal here as well.


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Did anything come from this global game jam?

Here’s a link to projects that were uploaded to GGJ’s website.

The event was really nice for an intimate group of Blinks first timers and veterans. The weather that day was, if I recall correctly, -10ºF :cold_face:. I was impressed that anyone made the it out. Some really cool WIP games/explorations and the game jam winning game, titled: Spread From the Roots, inspired by games like Berry & Fracture had the entire group engaged in a 2-player strategic battle. Source code should be available on the site.

Here’s a quick pick we took at the end of the day.