Hoping to place an order for a class project. Website stock actually available and shipping?

Hello, all,

Curious if anyone has ordered from the Move 38 website recently or if someone from Move 38 can chime in…

I’m proposing a unit for a high school engineering class in the new calendar year that would involve ordering a significant number of Blinks and dev kits, and I wanted to see if there’s any info on Blinks availability and reliability of shipping under the current conditions.

Appreciate any info, recent experience, or leads anyone can provide.


I did recently buy a couple of blanks to play with larger number of blinks and for testing my first programmed blinks. The orders were filled very quick.


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Make sure you get confirmation from @jbobrow before committing to your plan. My understanding is that manufacturing has been paused indefinitely. Maybe that has changed but get confirmation first.

Appreciate the info and heads-up! I sent a message via the contact form on Move38’s site and got a quick response saying that the website stock is accurate and shipping. Woo!