How do I open the dev Blink?

I got the mini dev kit with one empty Blink and a spudger, but I’m not sure how to approach opening it and can’t find a “get started” doc that explains this.

Hi @spongefile,

Welcome to the Blinks community, to open your blank and game blinks use the pointy end of the spudger to gently ply the battery door open (The part with a label on), once inside use the spudger once more to remove the battery where you will find the programming port.

this video may explain better:

Stay safe and have fun,

Aaahhh I see :smiley: thought it was way more involved, splitting the entire thing apart in two halves or something :sweat_smile:

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@spongefile luckily it is simple indeed just need to learn the method and it quickly becomes second nature :slight_smile:

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