How to download games not in Arduino/Examples

Hey, sorry to bother you guys newbies like me are probably a nuisance. I’m trying to understand how to download games that aren’t listed under the examples in Arduino IDE. I downloaded this darkball file by using the code, download zip. When I open the file I get:

The file “Darkball.ino” needs to be inside a sketch folder named "Darkball’.

In windows 10, I created a folder called Sketch then a folder called Darball, it’s located:
This PC/Documents/ Arduino/Sketch/ Darkball
Then copied the file “Darkball.ino” into it. I stopped getting the above error but when I upload to the developer blink it doesn’t finish. It just says "An error occurred while uploading the sketch.

Can you successfully download the example sketches?

Can you cut/paste here the whole error message you get when trying to upload Darkball?