How to replace the batteries

Replacing batteries for Dev Blinks is quite straight-forward after you know a couple of things.

  1. The top of the Blinks PCB has the text C1 and all text is oriented this way
  2. One corner of the Blinks plastic base is different than the others, it has a little hood that the top corner fits underneath.
  3. The battery should go in with the + side down
  4. Use a #00 Phillips head screw driver to avoid stripping the screws


I have not jet opened my devkit blinks.
Could you please tell us what kind of batteries are required?

CR2032 batteries for all versions of Blinks. For best performance, they should be > 2.7v.

All Blinks ship with batteries installed. Replacing them requires a #00 Phillips head screw driver (much like a MacBook or pair of eyeglasses)