How to send multi-byte messages?

I’d like to be able to send multi byte messages across Blinks. (It has to be possible since it used to share games!)

For example, perhaps two Blinks that are touching might be “linked” by doing a long press or some other control input. Then when they are rearranged they can still pass messages by relaying them through other Blinks. They would do this by sharing their unique ID serial numbers. Messages intended for relaying would carry the serial ID as an address + a payload.

Relaying messages that include a Blink ID might be a path towards implementing a shared “end of game” state.

I know we have written an example of multi byte messaging, I’ll make sure it gets into the repo. Since I am messaging from the seat of a bit yet departed plane, here is a game that is using multiple byte messaging to pass the puzzle from one piece to the others. Perhaps it is a fine example of using this method.