How to use the serial debugger?

Hey is there an updated tutorial on using the serial debugger that ships with the latest dev kits? The setup video I went through mentioned a “part 2” which dealt with that but I haven’t been able to find that.

So far I’ve hooked it up per the (old?) guide I found here:

I’ve selected the port /dev/cu/usbserial… and set it to 500k baud. It all looks ok - the board lights up etc. Running the simple serial example shows no output, though.

What am I missing?

#include "Serial.h"

ServicePortSerial sp;

void setup() {
void loop() {
  sp.println(“Hello world”);

The baud rate should be 1000000 (1 million). Try that and if it still does not work, you might be hitting an issue other developers are seeing. Let us know if changing the baud rate fixes it or not.

The baud setting didn’t change anything for me.

I’m assuming I have it hooked up properly - trouble is without a diagram I’m guessing at orientation etc. I have the serial adaptor oriented so that the Molex plug faces “up” in relation to the debug board.

When powered up the first time, I see a red light and two green ones. After a second or so, the two greens blink once and disappear. The red light stays on.

I’m new to the Arduino ecosystem so apologies if my terminology is all over the shop!

Is there any difference between the “serial monitor” and “serial plotter”? Do they do the same thing? Do I have to “start” the logger in some way or should I just see “hello world” pop into that box if everything is working correctly?

You most likely are also affected by the same issue that affected me and other developers. The serial port in the dev Blink is not working. Move38 is aware of the reports and is looking into it. Meanwhile contacting support to let then know of your issue might be a good idea.

Well there is only a boolean variable here. :slight_smile: Try one way and, if it does not work, try the other. :slight_smile: If you are indeed affected by the same issue I mentioned, it will not work either way.

Yes. The actual USB serial board seems to be ok. It is the serial port in the dev Blink that seems to not be working.

You want the Serial Monitor. Assuming you have the correct port selected and the correct baud rate set, yes. When the serial port works you should see whatever you send to the ServicePort in the Serial Monitor window.

This sorted it