Huge progress on Blink Simulator

When I started getting interested on Blinks, I stumbled upon a Blinks Simulator created by Move38. At that point in time, it was pretty bare-bones and did not do much.

Today I went to check it again and noticed it was updated just yesterday and… Well, see for yourselves:


Wow, I had no idea!

Is there a way to re-arrange the Blinks? I can drag the whole cluster around with a left-click, but I can’t seem to move individual Blinks.

SHIFT+Click to create a “fracture line”. Blinks on one side of it will be in a group and Blinks on the other side will be inn a different group. You can move individual groups independently.

Ah cool. Actually you don’t need to press Shift. Just drag in a blank space (not on a Blink) to start the line.

That’s so awesome. I know we had talked about this before, and I’m really glad to see this moving along

So I’ve been playing with the simulator, but it doesn’t want to run the code from my prototype I’ve been working on. I was able to pick puzzle 101 from the pulldown menu and successfully play a game. Is there something special I need to do to use my own code? I might just start with something simple instead of adding an almost complete game into it. Also, any difference in setting it up to run locally on my computer versus running from the remote instance?

Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays to those of you who celebrate.

Generally speaking, the Simulator might not support everything you use in your program and that happens silently so it is difficult to figure out. It is better for prototyping code than for writting a full blown game on (althouhg it can obviously run some games).