Hype Train: Global Game Jam 2021

Hello devs!

As some or all of you may know, we are sponsoring the 2021 Playcrafting site for Global Game Jam 2021! Because things are still pandemic-y, Global Game Jam 2021 is going virtual! This means we can invite every single one of you, whether you live in the New York area or overseas, to participate in the Playcrafting virtual site. Move38 is once again a partner in this site, which means we’ll be there to help everyone develop brand new Blinks games and compete for the glory (and the prizes) to be had at one of the world’s largest jam sites!

There’s much more information to come, including info about prizes and dev support, but until then we highly encourage you to sign up for the jam here, and then use this new category to start forming teams and discussing the jam! I’ll be posting updates here in this thread as we have them, so expect more soon!


I’m getting permission denied when trying to access that form.

Whoops! Try again? I think the sharing permissions were slightly wrong.

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Yep all fixed! Thanks.

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