I guess I might be doing something wrong

So, when I verify a sample .ino file that uses the network message code I wrote, I see something like this:


Sketch uses 2344 bytes (39%) of program storage space. Maximum is 5888 bytes.

Global variables use 700 bytes (68%) of dynamic memory, leaving 324 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 1024 bytes.

I always read this as the actual values I needed to worry about when writing a program.

But them, I create a simple completely empty .ino file and verified that. I see exactly the same output. Now, it is unlikely I am not using anything more than what an empty project would use.

Am I missing something?

FWIIW, I figured out the issue. The empty ino file was in the same directory hierarchy of the actual code VSCode project so I think it was compiling everything anyway. Moving it to a different location and creating a new project with it resulted in the numbers making more sense.

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