Installing Hexenwood

This is not a request for help; it’s just an FYI.

When I attempt to install Hexenwood from the github repository, I am told that I need to install a custom board. When I do that, I find that the custom board is unable to write to the 328 blinks.

I overcame this problem in the most straightforward way, by purchasing your Sakura pack. But I thought you might want to know about this as it might be a problem for future users.

Yes, Hexenwood uses a custom Blinklib. I have not updated it in a while to match the official one and that might be the issue. I will look into it soon. Note Move38 is not responsible for this custom Blinklib at all and building Hexenwood from source is most likely not something they would provide support for (it does not matter anyway, as I will :slight_smile: ).

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