Is Discord Closed?

Did the Discord get closed? If not can you share the link?

I’m guessing it must have closed down… It’s no longer on my server list and I wouldn’t have left it myself :slightly_frowning_face:

Thats, disappointing they closed the Discord… That is not a good sign for the future of Blinks and the Community. There was a lot of great stuff archived there…

Maybe it would be time to make a backup of the different Blinks resources? This forum, website, github repositories, etc. :pensive:

Hey there folks, I was community member/manager for the discord. I ended up closing it down due to a lack of activity on it in general. I do realize I should have provided some warning and that is a fault on my own. If there is interest in having one again I would not mind setting up another one. it may not be a grand as the last as a lot of it’s rooms were un-used. Johnathan actually just reached out to me about because of this thread.