Is the latest version of Darkball on Github?

I was blessed to receive the Community set of Blinks early, including Darkball. However, I wonder if the code on those was up-to-date.

Also, is the Darkball on the Github repo the most recent version?

Since I have the Dev kit, would it be possible to download the project from Github and install it on the Blink?

Not replying in any official capacity, but this should be the latest code:

Last updated on August 5th so I would guess chances are this is what shipped in the Community set Blinks.

And yes, you can use the publishing tool to re-flash the game to its original Blink. Just need to remove the protection over the contacts.

Awesome, thanks!

I notice that the version on Github always has green endpoints with an animation if they have the ball, vs the early one which had cyan endpoints if they had the ball and green if they didn’t.

The documentation still refers to the cyan endpoints, even though the gameplay video shows green endpoints in all cases.

The one I have here (which came with the Community Set) shows green endpoints.

OK, so the one on Github is certainly the most recent, and has green endpoints.

The ones I received a while back have it so that endpoints are cyan if they have the ball, green otherwise. Looks like it is now green + animation if they have the ball.

I’ll put the Github version on one of my blanks, and see which one we like better!

Hey, sorry to bother you guys newbies like me are probably a nuisance. I’m trying to understand how to download games that aren’t listed under the examples in Arduino IDE. I downloaded this darkball file by using the code, download zip. When I open the file I get:

The file “Darkball.ino” needs to be inside a sketch folder named "Darkball’.

In windows 10, I created a folder called Sketch then a folder called Darball, it’s located:
This PC/Documents/ Arduino/Sketch/ Darkball
Then copied the file “Darkball.ino” into it. I stopped getting the above error but when I upload to the developer blink it doesn’t finish. It just says "An error occurred while uploading the sketch.