Kingmaker: A Texas Hold Em / Stud Poker "Experience" for Blinks

Hopefully I’ve set everything up correctly with Git Hub to post this, and make it shareable. Git is almost another language in and of itself. And people say that I over complicate things.

When it came to setting up my Git Hub, I didn’t even attempt to determine if “” Meeko “” was available as a user name. There is an overwhelming assumption that it is not. I was going to have to “merge” my two names together when it came to me posting a YouTube video on my Electronicwaffle channel anyway… so I figured I would go ahead and set up my git with that name instead.

Below please find my most recent stable version of my game " Kingmaker " and an extensive PDF of the rules, as I currently have them coded.


Or… .strangely, Meeko itself, could be it’s own … other kettle of fish over there on Git.

I’m not sure what it is over there, but I will take it as a good sign that I decided to preemptively switch over to my other moniker on Git.

FWIIW, your code as it is does not compile. For example:


should be


I’m not sure I follow, It compiled for me…

I actually did not try to compile it and you are correct, it compiles (interesting enough, there are not even warnings), but it is still wrong. What you want is to get a specific color from the color list. In other words, you want a specific index of your color list. GemColorRandomizer1 is the index and GemColorList is the list. The right generic syntax is:


So you want:


BUT, the plot thickens: It appears the wrong syntax is also returning the right results! That is unexpected and something that I never saw in my entire career. Trying to figure out what is happening but, meanwhile, I would not recommend using the syntax you used. It is surprising at the very least.

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Ok, figured it out and it is pretty amazing in the end.

arr[idx] is just syntactic sugar for *(arr+idx). And arr+idx is identical to idx+arr so both the usua way and the way you wrote it work! Living and learning.

But, please, do not do that. :slight_smile:

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“” Living and learning. “”

Respectfully, we all are. And, if one is not learning, are they really living?

I mean. I’m just glad to be among other people with the drive to not only ask, but also answer. We are a commodity.

I’m skinning more knees than I have here. I am aware of that. But I’m going after it. You know? And, at least for now, hands on, into the deep end, tends to be the only way I am learning anything. … Cause the rest off all of it just looks like Greek, or C++ to me. :wink: