Laser Joust: New Game Idea

I am not a coder, though when I have more free time I plan on tinkering. I do have some game ideas that I would love to share in hopes that someone would code them and I could then play them.

Laser Joust is one of my simpler ideas.

The goal of the game is to be the last player in the game. Players are eliminated when their color dot is hit by another color dot.

To start each player takes one blink and single clicks it to choose a player color, this blink is now their controller. All other blinks should form a cluster. Once each player is ready they should connect their controller to the cluster. Upon connecting their blink to the cluster their color should appear on the connecting face of the blink their controller is touching. (If their controller is connected to multiple blinks the color should appear randomly on a face connected to the controller.)

(My colors didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. This is a starting configuration).

From here by single clicking the controller your color should move one space clockwise on the Blink it is currently on.

(In this picture controller one has been single clicked 3 times).

By double clicking the controller your color should instantaneously (practically speaking) move in a straight line off the Blink it is on to the furthest possible blink face in that line, it should leave a short lasting line of it’s color in each space it traveled.

(Controller one has been double clicked once hitting player two’s color dot and destroying it).

If on the same Blink as another player’s dot whichever one hits the other by moving clockwise into the other player’s color dot eliminates the player.

(If controller one is single clicked once before controller two is single clicked controller two’s dot will be destroyed)

Upon all other players being eliminated the remaining players color will appear in multiple laser shots across the board, signifying that the player won.

Remove controllers and long press any Blink in the cluster to reset the game.

Add ons could be that clicking a Blink in the cluster adds an invincibility dot, or a stop dot which can allow players to end up on a middle of the cluster blink, or a bomb dot that if hit destroys any player on that blink other than the one who activates it.

I know that many of you already have projects you are working on but if you see fit to make this game or something similar let me know. I think it could be a lot of fun.