Lasers - a starter idea

I started messing around with the coding aspect of Blinks this weekend and thought i would start with a simple idea to get my head around this environment. i started with getting a “laser beam” to shoot across the blinks…then i just kept adding different little interactions. nothing amazing here but after i got done, it was pretty fun just to mess around with what was here so i thought i would share. please share any ideas on games that could use this or if there is any other element that i could add.

edit: didn’t put anything on how it works.
every piece starts off blank. double click to change the mode. basic -> laser -> interaction
while in different modes, single click to rotate through those.
lasers has three different colors.
interactions: mirror -> split 2 -> split 3 -> split all

Take a look at the code on Pirates and lasers.

Also you have something like this implemented in the upcoming Ghost Hunters!

Welcome to the forum!

i will take a look at those. when starting this i intentionally didn’t look at anything else. even if i was repeating work, it was good practice and i might stumble across something new and interesting that way. now it’s time to see what neat things others have done.

also, i edited my first post. fully forgot to put any information on how anything works.