Local Meetups - NYC Blinks Devs

Hola New Yorkers,

Did you know that you are neighbors with the Move38 home base? We’d love to see you in person, as we spend a shocking amount of our day staring at screens.

To start things off. Come out to a play/game night or Blinks & Drinks as we like to call it.

Wednesday, March 27th
6pm - 8pm

2910 Thomson Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101


Any chance of doing another NYC meetup soon? I just got mine and would like to see what other people are doing with them, etc.

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Hey @StarManta!

Put Feb 1st on your calendar for Global Game Jam. We are coordinating the best way to support some Blinks games at this years GGJ and also gonna schedule some regular meetups at the Move38 HQ in LIC.

Looking forward to having you join us :metal: