Mortals source location (not the examples directory)

so I just wanted to point out to anyone else looking to get Mortals set up, that the code for working mortals resides in:

not in the

file, which is buggy / out of date (it doesn’t include the code for switching teams, e.g.)
and, while the Arduino IDE won’t open the .cpp file, you can just copy / paste the code in, and it works fine.

I’m happy to push code to update the examples directory, but wasn’t sure if that was what you guys wanted / intended – don’t like doing big copy / paste operations, seems like a single location makes more sense longterm.

Also, I tweaked the code a bit so that in ‘enguarde’ mode, the tile blinks red / the alive color.
This might encourage doing something like waiting until your tile is almost dead before placing it, so maybe not a great idea – it’s configurable with macro flag. I liked the idea of having it flash when in enguarde mode, could possibly have it flash other colors rather than the alive color.


We definitely want your pull requests and help getting our source up to date. I believe this one is a bit of an oversight on my part. The latest Mortals should reside in the Mortals Repo. The version that I have been using is the autostart version, where arranging 3 Blinks together then bringing the two sets of 3 Blinks together starts the game automatically sorting two teams (faire warning: a bit buggy). Once the autostart is not buggy, it should be merged into master.

Also, Mortals can be found in the MultiGameHack, which is how I currently share Mortals.

Btw @eegorebulbous, you totally made the first step in the same direction as me with making ‘enguarde’ mode relate the the team, the following is the current breakdown of game display states.

Mortals Display States/Animations

  • Dead Blink - show a slowly rotating dim red glow
  • Ready Blinks - 3 Blinks placed together in the ready to start position show a slowly rotating brighter green glow
  • Start Of Game - When 2 sets of 3 Ready Blinks are brought into contact, 3 should become team Yellow, and 3 should become Team Blue
    • Living Blinks - Pulse a breathing rate equivalent to life stage (broken into 6 speeds for clarity of stage, not currently continuous)
    • Blinks death - Flash white before becoming dead
    • Blinks enguarde or attack mode - single rotating point of your teams color
    • Blinks Attack - bright on the side of attack to represent 5 seconds gained
    • Blinks Injury - glow red and fade out to represent 5 seconds being stolen

Still some refinement to be done, most importantly the game as is has some balance issues, one potentially great fix will be the implementation of the Chess Timer. Been wanting to do this for a while now, maybe someone here will beat me to it :smile: