MPW (Party Game)

Going to use this thread to post updates on the progress of MPW.

Was able to do some playtesting yesterday. One of the interesting takeaways from watching a father and his young daughter play together was because pacing in this game is opponent controlled, the father was able to match his pace to his daughter’s in order to keep the games close throughout. This led to high engagement from the daughter whereas several of the other games that required perfect timing on clicks or had built in pacing failed to land. Honestly, not something I had even considered before seeing this test but something I can lean into now.


Did anyone else figure out what MPW stands for? Feeling proud of myself for guessing Multi-Player WHAM! :blush: :maple_leaf:

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I’ve already said it on other channels but I’m in love with this, it’s exactly the kind of game I was hoping to see made for Blinks.

It’s interesting you point out the dynamic between the father and daughter, and how the pacing was opponent controlled. It’s something I’ve read about a lot in the realm of folk games, or with Bernie DeKovens notion of “playing well”, where players of the games don’t necessarily play to win, but play to have fun with each other, and a sort of self-handicap can naturally result. A common example is with kids playing tag, and the players who aren’t “it” either run slow or purposefully get close to the “it” player to keep the game fun and lively.

It might be weird to say I’m enamored with this game concept, but it’s the best word I can come up with lol. In a lot of ways it’s exactly the kind of game I had tried to make many times for blinks but couldn’t quite pull off.

I’ll be watching this thread closely :eyes:


Thx for the encouragement. We will be taking it to Pax U for demos and playtesting. Will see how it does.

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This game looks cool. I want it. I have a dev kit.

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Cool! We’d love to get some playtesting feedback.