Music Sync Blinks

If there was a Blinks that had a microphone then it could sync with any connected blinks to move with the sound of the music. Simply place the music blink closest to the sound you want to visually render.

Straight line could just indicate volume potentially and a group could be a wild visual experience.

I imagine all sorts of games could be developed around a Music Blinks as well.
If this is ever made just charge my card and send it.

It would actually make Blinks far more versatile than simply a game system.
When you’re done gaming leave your Blinks on and let them add to the mood of the party.

Mood lighting, music sync, dynamic visual ambience, content creation, ghost hunting, night light, light bar

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If you are a tinkerer or hardware hacker, Blinks are already setup to add mods like this. In fact, there are serial pins accessible that can be used for additional sensors or outputs… (i.e. add an accelerometer). The forum is a perfect place to get input on how to go about this and because we are built on a base of Arduino, their forums can be helpful too!