Need help in understanding communiction for a game idea

My game idea is colour match game but on a hex grid and clustering the colours unlike most match 3 type games out there also will be a match 4 so as to make for more challenging puzzle / game.

My plan is to setup an Enumeration of the colours used in the game then use the number communication rather than Datagrams as the numbers can then be checked easily by a simple switch statement.

My question is how would I go about Enumerating the built in defined colours?


I am not sure I understand the question, Do you mean something like this?

enum GameColor { red, green, blue };

Then, for sending:


And for receiving:

switch (getLastValueReceivedOnFace(face)) {
  case red:

Exactly like that as it would make the coding much easier.

Thank you BGA for pointing me in the right direction.


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