New dev Blank, but similar upload error :'(

I had an issue when uploading a game a month or so back. Move38 was nice enough to send a replacement Blank, but I’m seeing the same issue. I made sure to be overly careful with the pogo pins this time around, so I’m not sure what is causing this. Is it possible that it’s not the blanks and something to do with the programmer. It just seems odd that there aren’t a ton of people seeing the same thing.

So basically, it uploads fine at first for a day or so, then it starts to show this error infrequently…then it shows it every time and you can’t upload.

The pins aren’t backward, I’m not dragging them over the contacts…so I don’t get it.

I’m open to doing a short zoom call or something to show how I’m set up and doing my uploads…it might expose any issues that might be from me. From what I can tell, it’s not me, though and kind of frustrating.

Might not be the problem you facing, but just in case. I had problem programming as well (I just started playing with blinks) and turns out my programmer is actually a AVRISP mk II. It looks identical to tinyusb. Once I used the actual tinyusb things started to work.

not sure that would be my issue. I’m using the programmer they gave with the dev kit. I just bought a self powered usb hub and new mini usb - usb cable in case power or the cable were the issue. It’s still not uploading. That leaves just the programmer board and the pogo pins or connection between the pins and the board. I doubt it’s the blinks since I saw the same issue with the previous dev blink.I guess I’m dead in the water for development for the time being.