New Game: Battle Balloons

This is a fully functional but rough first draft of my game idea, Battle Balloons. It combines game mechanics of random chance with which-cup-is-the-ball-under street hustlers in Vegas. I have ideas to make it more snappy and add depth, but I also would love to hear suggestions/ideas/advice from this group.


This sounds amazing! would love to see a video demo of you playing it. (I don’t have my blinks yet - Just learned about them from the current Kick Starter)

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I’ll make a video as soon as I get my hands on some Blinks as well. Lost all 18 of mine :grimacing:

Hey InspiredReality,

Welcome to the forum! I just installed and played around with the code - the game functions perfectly. The game-feel is very reminiscent of Battleship, and I really like that. I’m interested to see how you push the design forward from here! Keep posting updates on the forum and I’ll keep checking them out.

I havent been able to play this myself yet, but I just caught the demo on the livestream today. Really great concept, and I love the mindgames that come into play! Great job on creating clear communication for balloon states as well, it’s a fun game to watch!

Playing this a lot recently. I really love where you’re going with this!

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