New Game: Causeway

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while, I’ve been busy filling my (very limited) free time with other non-blink projects, but I finally got around to finishing up a prototype I was working on a few months back. It’s in desperate need of play-testing and design iteration, as there are a few different elements in here that I’ve been struggling to make fit together.

The Premise:
This is my attempt at trying to combine the frantic gameplay I like designing for with something that is a bit more systemic in nature. The goal is simple: have the largest number of connected tiles “locked down” in your color. You change the color of a blink by pressing it’s button, and you “lock down” a blink by connecting two or more blinks of the same color.

However, there are a couple of twists: the order of colors that you see on a button press are randomized, and there is a “lock down” timer that triggers when two blinks are connected. Players are free to push the button of any blink in play, even if it is not your own color, so you have to do your best to protect your blinks from the influence of other players.

I haven’t had much opportunity to extensively play-test this myself, I hope to do so this weekend, but I thought I would toss this over to the community for some feedback and any potential ideas you might have regarding these mechanics. I’ve held off on working on this mostly because I was uncertain of how these rules and mechanics would play together, but with how wonderfully collaborative this community has been, I figured it was time to share.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or ideas you might have!


Yeah… after a bit of play-testing, there’s a bit too much chaos for this game to really work. I’m going to see about ironing out the player rules to see if I can get it under more control :sweat_smile: