New Game: Color Memory

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the community but have been observing the forum for the last couple of months after we got our first set of Blinks for Christmas.

I have enjoyed the platform quite a bit, it’s my first experience with an Arduino platform. As a first try I wanted to build a game inspired by Simon, in which players attempt to memorize and replay an increasing sequence of random tiles, each color coded.


  • Configure between 2-6 blinks surrounding one blink in the center.
  • Pieces will idle with a random color while waiting for a game to start.
  • Increasing the number of tiles increases difficulty.
  • Press the center blink to start the game.
  • Reset game by separating the pieces.


  • Remember and play back an ever increasing sequence of colored tiles.


  • On the first time, the game will light up a single tile
  • The player clicks the colored tile to repeat the pattern
  • Each turn, the pattern will play again but add a new random tile to the sequence
  • Play continues until the player fails to repeat back the entire sequence
  • The sequence can grow up to 30 moves (though none of us have made it that far yet!)
  • The leader tile does not participate in sequence for code simplicity + memory.

When the game ends, the score is displayed in color coded fashion.

  • Red: 1-3 points
  • Orange: 4-6 points
  • Yellow: 7-9 points
  • Green: 10-12 points
  • Blue: 13-15 points
  • Purple: 16-18 points
  • White: 19+ points

The brightness of the tiles indicates what spot in the range you scored. For example dim red means one point while bright red means three.

Players can go head-to-head by creating the same sized cluster and seeing who can score higher. Try a game with just 3 total tiles (2 game tiles), it gets surprisingly hard!

Dev Setup
The github repo has a short readme, there is no setup required beyond the regular steps.

Currently no known bugs or issues after ~50-100 games played :slight_smile:


I had a game like this in mind, when the wizard pack came out, but I can’t code XD. Looks pretty straight foreward, but the scoring seems a little hard to tell for me. You’d have to remember wich color means wich long term and brightness might be hard to recognize if there is no comparision. Having 30 rounds would actually give you a great opportunity with the 6 faces of the center blink, one face for each round with colors changing after 6, 12,… rounds. Kind of like ForgetMeNot, but on a smaller scale and only for the center blink, not the surrounding ones. And using the center blink for starting, why not for restarting?

Hope I can try it this weekend :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah the scoring was something my kids requested and this was a quick way to get it in. I use the ROYGBV (roy-gee-biv) acronym to remember the rainbow colors but agree it’s a little esoteric to have to remember.

For restarting-- the center blink restarts the game in the normal case when you game over, that’s a great point that it could always restart the game since it isn’t used as a game tile.

Interested to see what you think if you get the chance to try it out :slight_smile: