New Game: Darkball

my first blinks game :slight_smile:

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Just played! single player is a hoot :owl: :smiley:

Hey @cwwang,

Had a number of great sessions playing Darkball the past few days and think that the core setup and mechanic are just great. I have a couple of suggestions for mechanics.

  1. Currently the ball has to enter the paddle for one to hit the ball, we think a small window before the ball enters (i.e. a holdoff) could make the ball feel more bouncy rather than catch and release.
  2. If the timing of the hit is better (i.e. right when the ball arrives) the ball should come off faster, and if the hit is less good, the ball should come off slower. I think this creates a nice way to get good at the game (might also favor better players too much, but worth trying)

Looking forward to playing more (I think Iā€™m getting quite good)