New Game: Forget Me Not

I’ve started to re-code my 2021 Global Game Jam game in hopes to get it published.
Here is the repository for the GGJ version: GitHub - jephstahl/ForgetMeNot: Global Game Jam Design Lost&Found 2021 for Move38 Blinks

This version of the game is a quick memory challenge experience where 7 blinks are assembled in a group representing a flower with petals. The petals will turn on a few moments as you try to remember them all. Then they will turn off and back on. You must find which one had changed.
The challenges goes through 5 different colour palettes and ends with a different style of puzzle… with one led on each petal blink on.

My goal in the rewrite of the game is to build on this. I want to make it a puzzle challenge that you could play on the subway or anywhere. I want to put as much levels in it as I can. If you fail… back to the beginning. Maybe have 3 ‘help’ button presses that would replay the last puzzle incase you need help.

Once I get the core code down, I have ideas for dozens of different level challenges. I want the player to be surprised and delighted when they get to a new type of puzzle level.

I’ll be posting code updates to this thread as I progress. Any feedback would be appreciated as I progress.

The feeling I would like the player to get with the game… is something like a Rubik’s cube… well maybe more like a Nemisis Factor puzzle (Brian's Damn Puzzle Blog: Nemesis Factor).


First off fun little game!

Few quick pieces of feedback

If you get it wrong it would be great to show you the playfield and which one you should have picked.

I’m color blind so their are a few of the color variations I can’t tell the difference between - Not sure if you can modify those

If there are a total # of 5 rounds or whatever you could use the center blink to show only one light when its level 1 and so on.

At the end if you win all rounds - some big exciting animation :slight_smile:


I just have to say I love this image :heart_eyes: