New Game: Ghost Hunters

Ghosts and Ghouls are trying to haunt your mansion!
You and a friend must use your flashlight to dissipate the ghosts, and your lasers to zap the ghouls!
You only have to survive long enough for the haunting to pass to another house.

-For two Players(or one ambitious player)
-best with at least 12 Blinks
-when you load the game, ghosts (white) and ghouls(red) will randomly pop up in your haunted mansion
-if any ghost or ghoul is not zapped or dissapated fast enough, your mansion will become haunted and you lose
-remove two blinks, and long press them to turn them into flashlights. double clicking a flashlight turns it into a laser
-Lasers zap ghouls, while flashlights dissapate ghosts
-one person gets the flashlight, one the laser.
-during gameplay you must keep all blinks flat on the table.
-survive until the haunting moves down the block to try another house!
-triple click at any point to reset the game

Been playing with this rough draft for a while and I’m liking the cooperative gameplay a lot! Certainly reminiscent of WHAM! but I feel like the gameplay is different enough.

To do:
-Balance ghoul/ghost spawning
-Balance gameplay time
-Let the Player double click to start the game
-Test out point scoring instead of survival mode
-Colors, colors, colors! (and animations)


I love the idea!

How do you remove ghosts? You have to touch them with the flashlight blink?
How do you have to arrange the blinks on the table?

You Remove Ghosts by touching them with the light from the flashlight (yellow), and you remove Ghouls by touching them with the light from the laser(green). The light and laser travel through the empty (pale) blink pieces.

You can arrange the blinks however you like! I have only really tested a pretty standard clump myself.

Sounds great!
I just ask cause don’t have yet blinks to try but I like the idea.
So you arrange the blinks as you want but they must be in contact, right? If so, reaching some blinks can be difficult (I’m imagining a blink surrounded by 6 blinks, you can’t touch it with the flashlight or the laser).
Also good idea (maybe is already applied) can be to make laser and flashlight only work on one face, so you have to actually “aim” the ghosts!

Yes they all must be in contact. The flashlight and laser signals move through the blinks, so even blinks surrounded can be hit. I’ve tried making the flashlight and laser only work on one face, but so far it only makes gameplay irritating without adding too much difficulty.


The Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins branch on Github holds the newest version of this game.

  • the game loads in the win phase so you have time to separate two blinks to long press and make into flashlights ( and then double click to turn one into a laser)
    -then triple clicking starts the game (one minute survival)

  • Ghosts remain white, but Ghouls are now a purple hue.

  • As the title suggests there is a third mob that can spawn in your haunted mansion… a Goblin! It appears flickering and red. Unlike the Ghosts and Ghouls a simple flashlight or laser beam will not get rid of a goblin. Only when a Goblin is weakened by the flashlight can the laser zap it away
    (TLDR; you have to hit the Goblin with the laser and the flashlight at the same time to get rid of it)

I’ve been playtesting a lot, and this game is not so great on six blinks, but proves super exciting on 12.

I’d love for anyone to try it out and see what you think!

Minor changes:

  • Ghosts are white, Ghouls are red, Goblins are green and have an aura
  • Laser is now a blue color