New Game: Harmony

First off, sorry I know I have been starting topics left and right, but I’m super excited that the Blinks even exist and have been using them basically any chance I get.

Second, new game!
I have done all the base logic, it could still use some polish but I have made it here
GitHub - DethDefier/Harmony: a game for Blinks by Move38

–Each blink starts out with a random element (water, fire, grass, rock, and lightning).
–The elements all have different interactions with each other.
—Water can’t be next to fire or lightning
—Fire can’t be next to water or grass
—Grass can’t be next to fire or rock
—Rock can’t be next to grass or lightning
—Lightning can’t be next to water or rock
–If a blink is happy with it’s neighbor, the face that neighbor is on will be white
–The goal of the game is to have a group of blinks where every connected face is lit up white, meaning all blinks are happy with the elements next to them.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for what I could add?


Oh I love interactive toys like this. Reminds me of Honey where you’re trying to arrange tiles to maximize potential.

Instead of turning them white, how about this. I presume each of the five elements are a different color? How about faces default to a neutral mid-brightness, mid-saturation color on their face. If the face is touching an element it “likes” then the face brightens and the color is more saturated. If the face is touching an element it “dislikes” then the face darkens and the color desaturates.

You get 1 point for every face in the “like” state and -1 point for every “dislike”. The goal is to maximize the points of your given selection of elements.

Elements touching the same element (water touching water) are neutral. They count as zero points.

I was kinda of thinking of doing the brightness thing, but I am a kid that can’t afford great batteries and my batteries are always low on my blinks, so differences in brightness aren’t something I would really use as a core feature. Maybe like a white tinted in that color? I like the points system though! I was also thinking of making it so if elements (say fire and water) interact that don’t like each other, they could cause an effect to happen (maybe turning to water into rock), but I don’t know the best way to implement this or if it would improve the game.