New game: Hexxagon

Enjoyed loading this up and playing vs myself for the time being. I’m curious to explore different board arrangements, see what is working well for others, and also have a sense for suggested # of Blinks for easy to competitive play. Looking forward to playing some good vs games.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for the game. I now have the space to implement new things.

Concerning board arrangement, there is one invariant that should ideally be kept which is: the distance between 2 pieces from different players must be at least 5. Ideally, 6. The reason is a player can move to a Blink up to 2 Blinks away so if you have 5 spaces, it can not take the other piece immediately in a single move. If you have a distance of 5, the other player then would also need to move 2 pieces away to take that piece so there is a strategic decision to be made. With this in mind, I am guessing you can set up an interesting game with a triangular board with side 5 (so, 15 blinks in total) and 3 players. You most likely can rearrange the same 15 blinks to make the game more suitable for 2 players instead.

But the more, the merrier (and this is why I ordered 60 blinks :slight_smile: ).


BTW, if you downloaded and tried a relatively recent version of the game (one that has the message_tracker.* files), there is a bug that would make the game get stuck depending on the order of things happening. One case was it getting stuck after you tried to finish setup but had an invalid board state. Then you fixed it and moved on. It would not be possible to select a target after this.

This has been fixed but I did not pushed the code yet. Will do it later today.

Heads up that the game is now on its self-contained directory. Instead of using sysmlinks, it now uses git submodules which will work on Windows (no manual file copying required). To clone it and all dependencies just run:

git clone --recurse-submodules hexxagon

The command above will clone the repository and dependencies in a directory named hexxagon. This is required by Arduino IDE as it expects the sketch and directory to have the same name.

@bigjosh I do not know if you ended up trying it or not the next time after you hit the symlinks issue, but feel free to try it again. :slight_smile:

I am at the storage limit again, but I managed to squeeze in a nicer takeover animation:

When a piece is about to take over another one, the one being taken over will show a “lightning” animation that starts at the face connected to the attacking Blink and ends randomly at one of the 3 faces on the opposite side (this happens very fast and is supposed to look like lightning). It is specially nice because it happens at the same time in all affected Blinks.

Now trying to clean this up and get some space back just in case I decide to do something else and need it.

But, yes… Blinks with, say, 10 Kb of storage would be REALLY nice.