New Game: HoldOut

More of an experiment than a legitimate game… I wanted to see if I could port Anna Anthropy’s simple but brilliant game Chicanery to Blinks. I’m still fine tuning things, but at least the basic game is there on the Master branch.

The goal is simple - be the last player to keep your blink alive by any means necessary.

Better played with 3 or more friends, but you can still play with 2.

On a side note: Mods, should we create new threads like this when we want to share a new game? I was originally just using the Games in active development thread.


Looks cool, I’ll try to play this later today. As for you question of new threads vs the group thread, I think it’s best to do new threads. If anything, we may consider making a new category for this later.

I’ll let you know when I get a chance to try this game out!


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Thanks! Let me know how it goes. I finished putting this together after I moved to a new state, so I haven’t had much opportunity to play test it with larger groups yet…