New Game Idea: Ants (Slowly Being Developed)

I recently thought of a somewhat good game idea while watching a video on warring ant colonies.
Each Blink starts out as ‘grass’
Played with 5+ Blinks
-Click a Blink to cycle through team blue, team red, and grass
–For games of 8 or less Blinks, one of each team is recommended, for games of 9-12 two, for 13+ two plus one for every 5 game tiles.
-Each grass blink has a 1/6 chance to generate food on it (orange face on green)
-Each blink selected as a team generates two ‘worker’ ants of its color and a ‘queen’ ant (blue queen is white red queen is yellow).
-Blinks have a max of 6 ants on them
-Ants are shown as one face per ant on a Blink displaying as their color (queens in yellow or white)
Players take turns moving ants
-At the beginning of each turn each Blink with a queen on it and less than 6 ants generates a worker of a queens team.
-Single click a Blink the number of times ants you want to move off of it (7 goes back to zero, double click selects queen to move), then click a blink next to it to move the selected number of ants.
-If you move to a square with
–Food: generates a worker of the team that moved to it.
–Enemies: ‘battle’ commences, in which the number of ants moving to the Blink is subtracted from the current amount of enemy ants, any remainder of ants stays there as the attacking team.
—Example: 3 blue ants move to 4 red ants, 1 red ant remains. 2 blue ants move to one red ant, one blue ant remains.
-Last team with ants on the board wins.

What I’ve made so far is at GitHub - DethDefier/Ants: A game for Blinks by Move38


I got more feedback on Harmony, so I’ll be working on that for a bit.
I might come back to this but idk