New Game: Incoming!

Just completed the first functional version of a game I’ve been working on this summer: Incoming!

It’s inspired by the timing-and-trajectory-based game play of Missile Command, but takes place in space as you try to fend off asteroids spiraling towards Earth on a hexagonal grid of Blinks.

Full details and instructions to be found on the Github repo, but do note that it has an asymmetric multiplayer mode as well, where one person gets to send asteroids towards Earth while the other defends.

Note that this is right at the edge of program size, and requires BGA’s excellent custom blinklib with datagrams disabled and larger face values. I’ll try setting up an installer early next week after I return from a trip.

Unfortunately, I won’t be joining the many folks enjoying GenCon this year, but wouldn’t be sad if someone wanted to load it up and test it out with more Blinks than I have access to!

Still tweaking many of the game play values, and I think the solo mode is still a bit too difficult from the start. Also, asteroids are spawning closer than I intended in solo mode, still chasing that bug down.

Please feel free to give it a test run if you feel so inclined and let me know what you think!


This sounds amazing. I just moved and did not unpack my Blinks and dev kit yet but I will check it out as soon as I do!

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@Omega7 BTW, you are not disabling datagrams. Mostly because blinklib_config.h (the correct name of that file) is named as blinklib_config.h.txt. Just by renaming it to the right name you will get an extra 3% storage available (from 99% to 96%) and double the memory available (from ~200 to ~400 bytes).

So I finally was able to try it this weekend and it seems there are some bugs that are preventing gameplay. It seems to be completely broken with 37 Blinks and kinda works with 19 but most of the time it seems gameplay fails somehow.