New Game: Lost In Colorspace

A color mixing game set for blinks:

As a weaver and fiber artist, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge from direct experimentation about color mixing with pigments (aka CMYK, aka subtractive color). I was inspired to try and create an environment on Blinks for an equivalent kind of exploration in light (aka RGB, aka additive color). As our household played with it, we came up with a handful of specific rulesets in addition to the basic open exploration mode:

  • Color Pop Quiz: race the clock and try to recreate as many colors as you can from scratch
  • Paint It Forward: a color tug of war, passing one paint chip between players
  • Colorful Language: a party game about describing color
  • Shades of Resistance: a color/territory control strategy game

I’d love if others want to playtest any of the above (especially with more than two players) - complete rulesets are available in the README.

I also have a couple issues I would love help/feedback with:

  • I’m at 99% of program storage, and had a few more features I’d like to put in, maybe there are some ways to free up some space I haven’t already tried?
  • There are some reliability issues with message passing (I’m using datagrams with a
    wrapper function)

Thanks for your time, and hope you enjoy playing with it!


My custom Blinkilib would help you with both things. :slight_smile:

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Here is your game with the custom Blinklib without any changes to it whatsoever:

Sketch uses 5318 bytes (90%) of program storage space. Maximum is 5888 bytes.
Global variables use 721 bytes (70%) of dynamic memory, leaving 303 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 1024 bytes.

So about 10% storage savings. :slight_smile:

Well, I edited my arduino-cli.yaml, replacing the original url with:


and then ran arduino-cli core update-index

… but my code still compiles to 99%
Am I missing something? I’m compiling and uploading from the command line on MacOS.

I am not familiar with arduino cli but if it is still compiling to the same size, it is not using the custom blinklib.