New Game: Mastermind

Hi folks!

I’m totally new here! I received my blinks a week ago and play with it, it’s a blast!

I’m a boardgame designer and I just finish my first game on blinks. I’m not sure it’s well made but it works!

It’s a Mastermind game. It plays solo. You pick up to 6 blinks and you have to find the correct color coded combinaison.

You put some blinks together and you made a click to launch a game.

All the blinks show the first color (orange).

You just have to make a click to change the color of a blink.

When you want to test your combinaison you double-click on any blink and you obtain some information :
A white blink mean that a blink have his correct color
A red blink mean that a color is in the combinaison but not on the correct blink.

You can make a triple click to reset the game.

What your thought?

I hope this game doesn’t already exist!


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A short video to demoying the game :



Update : now playable up to 12 blinks

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I will have to try it, but looks like a nice quick play game based on your video. Also seems polished for a first try so congrats. :slight_smile:


How can I share the game?

Do I have to create a github?


That is the usual way, yes. But you do not need to. You can make the source code available anywhere you want.

Ok, I created a Github!

I hope I made it correctly.

I use a Blinklib.cpp I stole on another project because I didn’t find the way to use your custom lib.

I have to find a way to change this.


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I think the code works without this Blinklib.cpp…

Yeah you don’t need blinklib.cpp in your project unless you want to make changes to it

To be more specific, blinklib.cpp is part of the Move38 Arduino stuff you had to download to develop for Blinks.