New game: Multiclick

I’ve made a new game: Multiclick, it’s quick and funny, and played with only 1 blink. The code is now here: #define DELAY_MS 700#define MAX_CLICKS 100void start_delay();void co -, I’ve asked Move38 to add it to their public games GitHub.

Here is how to play this game:

You need 1 blink with this game and any number of players.
On the start the blink is blue. First player must make a single click and passes the blink clockwise. The next player must make double click and pass a blink, then triple click; number of clicks increases by 1 until any player makes a mistake.
The blink flashes green after successful multiclick or red after a mistake. In case of mistake, the player who made it leaves the game, and the next one must do X/2 clicks, rounded down, when X is number of clicks which the current player should have made. For example, if a player failed to do 9 clicks, the next one must make 4 clicks.
In case when players are not sure whether the current player have made a single mistake or multiple wrong multiclicks, they reset the counter to 1.
To do it, the current player does single clicks until the blink becomes blue. The blink is blue when a single click should be done, or yellow when multiclick is needed (but the players have to remember how many clicks exactly).
The last remaining player wins the game. Or, if players reach and successfully perform 100-click, then all players who are still in the game, are the winners.