New Game: Overtake

Here it is on github. I’ve always loved a good strategy game. Plus, I really wanted to do something with secret roles / asymmetric knowledge.

:dizzy_face: used to play waaaaay too much ultimate werewolf.

Still need to do some more testing with friends to improve things (also :mag: :bug: ). If anyone checks it out, please give a shout. Feedback and thoughts are always appreciated.


I just played a few rounds here in the office. Mind you, I was alone, so I didn’t get to experience the social aspect but…

It was a super interesting, super impressive game! I will have to dig into some of the code to figure out how you did some of your game-state calculations, because you’ve apparently solved a problem that we haven’t been able to. When Jon gets back to the office, we will see which of us is the better player, then we can weigh in with actual feedback. But yeah, amazing so far!

Thanks for giving it a play ( even solo :smile: ). Let me know if you have any questions about the code, this was my first dive into Arduino and C++ is not my day to day language so I might be doing some weird stuff. Let me know how it goes, right now all my play testing has been 2 players, 6 blinks and I’m starting to worry its a “solved” game at that scale. Cant wait to get some more blinks to play with and see how it grows

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Had a great time playing, I have my suspicions on it being solved with the current ruleset as well. Enjoyed seeing the different ways you handled the multiplayer start and the compute results finish :raised_hands:

After getting some great feedback from @danking222, I’ve pushed a few updates out to overtake. (thanks lots btw! :tada:). All of these updates can now be found in master and overall these changes ensure that player interactions are a bit more deliberate.

  • Most taps are now double taps
  • Resetting has been upgraded to a long press
  • Ending the game is now a triple tap
  • Overtaking the board now fades in rather than blinking

I’m also experimenting with some of the other feedback in branches at the moment. I want to play test these out a bit before merging them in right away.

:robot: Smart Single Puck Mode

Players all share one move token rather than each having their own. Also, at game start, players tap to confirm the number of players. The move token automatically moves to the next player color after each move.

I think the biggest win here is that this lets us keep more blinks on the board (which makes things a lot more interesting) and removes the possibility of player error when grabbing player tokens. It also eliminates the need to wait for the blinks to “enumerate” each other at start up (no more spin step in the beginning).

:memo: Simple Single Puck Mode

Same as single puck idea, but players can now overtake occupied spaces, make multiple moves, make no moves, make moves for other players etc. Players must tap to advance the active color on the player token.

This branch goes all in on the ‘smart tabletop’ concept by removing most of the safety guards and automatic steps. In some ways players have to interact more (tap to advance player on the move token) but the trade off is theres a lot less of chance for things to glitch out :smile: and I get a ton more space to add more functionality.