New Game: Paper, Rock, Scissors, Shoot, Smash

It’s Paper, Rock, Scissors. But also with Laser Blasters and Hammers. And Multiplayer.

Trying to cut my teeth on something simple. Fleshing out and porting a mod to the classic Paper, Rock, Scissors that my 5 yo came up with the other night while we were laying in bed (not) falling asleep.

I like the idea enough that I want to try to get it to a playable and shareable state. I hope posting this here will make me feel at least a little accountable to get something done.

Summary (WIP):

  1. Each player secretly dials in their implement: Paper, Rock, Scissors, Blaster, Hammer.
  2. They attach their Blinks all together.
  3. Some are eliminated (shown in red), some remain (shown in green).
  4. Play continues with remaining players secretly picking new implements and repeating until there is one or no winners.

Elimination is based on standard Rock, Paper, Scissors rules, with the additional rules:

  1. Two new implements: Hammers and Blasters.
  2. Hammers resolve “first” - they destroy Blasters and each other (more than one hammer? All hammers lose. If all hammers lose, Blaster is safe.).
  3. Blasters resolve “next” - they destroy everything remaining, and each other. (More than one blaster? All blasters lose. If all blasters lose, everything else is safe.)
  4. If there is a Blaster left, it will destroy all Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  5. Rock, Paper, Scissors then eliminate per standard rules resolving “simulaneously.”
    ** Rock eliminates Scissors which eliminates Paper which eliminates Rock.
    ** In multiplayer two of the same type to don’t eliminate each other. Rock, Rock, Scissors will eliminate Scissors keeping both Rocks in play.

What I have been able to accomplish:
I can get symbols and colors for a 1 vs 1 match with Paper, Rock, Scissors. I can determine win states when two blinks connect to each other (as each knows the identity of the other).

What I have no idea how to accomplish (yet!):
How to have a “pool” of connected Blinks to send all other Blinks info such that each Blink can have its own count of all the implements in the game.

Any advice would be welcome. I will like be posting somewhere asking for help with that once I figure out the most appropriate place for that. :slight_smile: