New Game: Raskin

Alright, I’ve been working on this on and off for maybe a month. I got the prototype working and have been trying to polish since then. Progress has been slowed since I got some advice from a friend and have had some trouble implementing it…

But whatever! Here’s Raskin!

Raskin is a game about a Gnome exploring a castle in order to steal everything he can get his grubby little hands on. Guards are on the lookout, so you have to use precise timing to move between rooms without getting caught. Explore every room to win the game!

This is still something of a work in progress, as evidenced by the “Raskin.ino” file and the notes at the bottom of the README. That said, it is a fully functioning game and the only thing that’s really giving me trouble is a tiny bit of polish. I made some illustrations to help with the instructions, since everyone I teach ends up having a lot of questions.

Upload the “RaskinVersion0.2.ino” file to your Blinks and enjoy! Any feedback is appreciated.


Welcome to the community, and congrats on your prototype! :+1: I’ll add this to my list of games to test/try once the second wave of dev kits are delivered. :smiley: Be sure to introduce yourself in the new members thread! Cheers!

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