New Game: SlugFest

In a post-apocalyptic future, slugs have mutated into enormous beasts that humans were quick to tame and weaponize to survive the new wasteland. Luckily the slugs’ favorite food, mushrooms also mutated and grew, so these massive mushrooms are often the site of legendary showdowns between battle-ready, mutant slug teams! Slug bodies are armed with manned A-Salt cannons, that fire huge rocks of salt at enemy slugs. In SlugFest, you play as a slug squad in one such battle!

Note: compiled with @BGA’s custom library


I like it. Congratulations!

I have 2 suggestions related to the custom blinklib:

1 - If your code does not compile with the official blinklib (either due to size or to requiring some other feature only present in it) you might want to add this to the top of your sketch file:

#error "This code requires a custom blinklib. See"

This will tell anyone who tries to compile it with the official blinklib why it is not working.

2 - If you disable datagrams completely (as you are not using them), you can save another 4% of storage (putting your game at 87% (from 91%). In case you want to spicy-up your animations. :slight_smile:

To do that, just create a “config” directory inside your sketch folder. Inside this folder, add a “blinklib_config.h” file with the following contents:


And that is all that is needed. Next time you recompile you will see the storage space improvement.


yeah, I’ll definitely add that error log for people, but I’m kind of waiting to see how open to custom libraries Jon gets before I get more dependent on them. As it is right now, I COULD gut the game of animations and make it work on the core library. As I mentioned in another post, I’m at a halfway point, where I could either be all in on the custom library and spice the game up, or trim things out and work with the core.

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That is totally reasonable. I only mentioned all this because you do say it has to be compiled with the custom blinklib in your post.

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@BGA I added that error code in case anyone has issues compiling, it should help. Thanks again.


Is nice to see more people is adding a comic strip to github :grinning:
Love the artwork, waiting to try it once i receive my blinks!!!

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@Confus3d Thanks. Although I can’t take credit for the artwork. A co-worker and good friend of mine happens to be a UI/UX designer and also a regular game night guest. I introduced him to Blinks and told him I was working on some game ideas. We (completely sober) came up with this storyline and he drew all the little characters and storyline comic that I needed. I fell in love with the comic in “The Hunt” and felt a crazy storyline like mine could use a visual aid.