New Game: Thorns

A game for Blinks by Move38 12+ blinks (sorry 6 blink people :/) and my submission for GGJ 2023

In Thorns, two gardeners battle against each other by planting seeds to win over a crystal flower in their garden.

This is a game like capture the flag. When you start the game, triple click any blink to turn it into a crystal flower. DO NOT put two crystal flowers next to each other, it will break. You may have more than one crystal flower.

GAMEPLAY: on your turn (it shows who’s turn it is by the color besides green on the floor and crystal flower tiles), you can single click to plant a flower on the tile you click. Any empty tiles next to it will become that color, while any enemy tiles will revert back to empty grass.

Double click to shift who’s turn it is. Each player has 6 turns, starting when the first crystal flower is placed.

The goal is to have more flowers surrounding the crystal flower(s) than your opponent after all turns are up.

When all turns are up, the board will shimmer white and all crystal flowers will either turn the color of the player that won them, or purple meaning the players tied over it.

Whoever won the most crystal flowers wins.

Long press any blink at any time to reset the game.