New game: Triple Imput


Game for Blinks by Move 38

3 blinks, no more, no less.

1 - 4 players.

Playing time: 1 - 15 min.

Set Up:

Share the game between just 3 blinks in a row.

The middle blink will have 3 colors, the side ones will have Green and Yellow. If is not that way, put them on a line.

Choose difficulty:

One click on the middle blink to go into the level selector.

One click cycle trough levels: Green - Level 1, with 3 lives Yellow - Level 11, with 2 lives Red - Level 21, with 1 live.

Double click the middle blink to start the game.

How to play:

The game will send 3 actions to every blink, do the action in order to not lose any lives.

  • Red action - Smash the middle blink on time.

  • Green action - Pull and reattach that blink on time. Same face!

  • Yellow action - Rotate that blink on time. Any different face!

A triple white flash means you beat the level. Speed increases. If multiplayer, pass the Blinks!

A single white light means you beat the round.
Rest one second and start again. Same speed, same level, same player.

In lower levels, there are no rounds.
In higher levels, there are more rounds between levels.

How long can you stay playing?


If you think this game sounds familiar, is based on Boop-It.

It has some bugs duplicating actions, but works 99% of the time. I will keep working on it to improve the game. If you have some sugestions, please, tell me!


It sounds like I’m going to really like this one! It’s cool to start seeing games that can be played with a smaller number of blinks. When Move38 starts releasing their 3 pack bundles they should really do a pack with Triple Imput, Fidget Blink, and Dynamo since all 3 games are designed to be played with 3 or less blinks! They could call it the minimalist pack or something. It would allow people the get a taste of blinks with fun games at a low cost of entry!

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lol, that’s a great idea. Bop-it was a fun game…and tough

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This is a fantastic little game! Simple, but engaging enough that I got my largely non-gamer father to play it. The only complaint I have, is that it seems to sometimes not realize that the yellow side’s been removed & rotated, if it’s done quickly, and not moved far enough away from the center blink. The green side – just removing & re-attaching – doesn’t seem to suffer from the same thing.

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Thanks for trying it!

It is my first approach to the game with a full working code, is still not perfect but I wanted to upload it to see different reactions and also receive some advices about it. Is the good thing of this forum!

In the next updates I will try to rework the code in order to fix some of the issues =D

The fun part is, the game works better on the hard difficulty level! If you choose the easy/slow level, the reaction of the game is not that good :sweat_smile:

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That’s interesting; I’ll have to try the higher difficulty. Also, what about a damage/lost life animation, so you know when you’ve f’ed up?

Here are my ideas for this (disclaimer: I am most emphatically not a coder, and am barely beyond the “hello world” stage in C++. This means I may be asking for stupid/impossible things):

All blinks briefly flash red when losing a life, unless it’s the last life. To counteract this, DRUM should light up in non-red color (I was thinking purple)

Blinks flash green (only the active one) when successfully manipulated; again this means that PULL should use another color (blue?).

New game state: FLIP (only if neighbors == 1):
If blink 1 becomes FLIP, player must move it to other side of blink 3; blink 3 becomes the new center blink.

DRUM, TWIST, FLIP, and PULL should all happen on any blink with neighbors == 1
If neighbors == 2, blink can only DRUM (i.e: center blink)

Disconnecting the wrong blink, re-connecting to the wrong side, or pressing the button when a blink is not DRUM should cost a life

When a TWIST blink is disconnected, it should light up all valid faces.

When a PULL blink is disconnected, it should only light up the valid face.

No idea what the animation for a FLIP blink should be

And finally – score tracking, so you can try to get a higher score than the friend using the other 3 blinks in your set!!


Al that changes can potentially be done, but not all of them to the actual code. The full game needs to be rewritten for that.

The game send, at the beginning of the setup, one rol to each side of the center blink, once roles assigned, that blink can only show that “beat” (that’s why all reds are in the center, all greens in one side, and all yellows on the other side, liked the original Boopit)

Also, the tracking of the speed, levels, life’s, and the brain of the game, and also the sending of the “beat” is managed by the center blink, the side blinks are just input blinks, they don’t run code or do anything.

In other words, to implement that change and add the FLIP, the game must be fully rewritten =(

About score tracking and lives indicator, yes, that is a thing I can do with the actual state of the code =D

I will add it to the list!

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