New Game: Wishbone

Hey everyone, intern Jacob here! I’ve been working on a fun little game called Wishbone that I wanted to share with y’all. Much like the fateful duel that follows every Thanksgiving dinner, you must battle with your loved ones for the lucky half of the bone.

(For 2 players)

Take 5 blinks and split them into 2 clusters of 2 and 1 single blink. Longpress the single blink until it flashes white, then release. This will be your crown. Then attach the two clusters to the crown 2 faces apart (so it’s at an obtuse angle). This is your wishbone.

Each player holds onto their 2 blink cluster and attempts to pull away from their opponent with the crown attached. You must not touch the crown, that would be cheating! Whoever pulls away with the crown is the winner of that round, and all their blinks will turn a celebratory green! The loser will be left with some sad red blinks.
Reattach both halves to the crown to start the next round.

Play to solve debates, decide who gets that last slice of pie, or for some good clean fun!

I think it could also make an interesting 3 player game (add a third spoke to the crown), but I haven’t had a change to playtest it.

I’ve been having a fun time playtesting it, and I’ll be continuing to add more animations and graphics to spice up the game. Please feel free to comment any feedback, discuss strategy, or share ideas for different mechanics.

Give it a download here:

Thanks everyone, and happy playing!


Loved seeing this on the stream today! Might give it a try with my wife this evening and give you some feedback!

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