New Game: Zomblinks

Set a goal for myself to have a game ready by the week of Thanksgiving to play with the family, so I’m sharing my first pass at something playable: Zomblinks.

Construct a post-apocalyptic battlescape, add a player (or players), activate zombie spawners, and try to fend off the impending horde of shambling zombies with your trusty pistol (and currently unlimited bullets).

This grew out of an experiment to teach myself to use bit-shifting and enums by cramming as much as I could into the basic 6-bit communication. Note that my original game idea was pvp tank combat, and there’s a lot of code that still references those old concepts. During testing I built a simple AI enemy, found that was more fun, and zombies seemed a pretty obvious theme from there.

It almost certainly needs a lot of work in game balance, and probably has plenty of bugs and edge-case issues that I haven’t discovered, but it works well enough that I’m happy to share it with you all. I’m aware the code is pretty hacked together right now, and animations are basically non-existant, but I welcome any suggestions or feedback on how the game could be improved.

Future plans include limited ammo, ammo spawns, and a game reset feature. With space freed by extra features that have been cut, I think I can still squeeze these in without having to resort to datagrams or a modified Blinklib.


Just loaded it up and played around with it. I look forward to your progress!

I wasn’t able to get any zombies to spawn from the spawner, but I could move and shoot the spawner. I love the bullet effect. Keep it up!